Who Are We?

Layby Surgery is revolutionising the cosmetic and medical industry by bringing the best doctors to your fingertips. We offer our customers a way to plan, prepare and pay for their procedures from the comfort of their own home. It is backed by medical professionals with years of experience who identified a gap in the way real people could access treatments and procedures.

Why Us

At Layby Surgery we take the stress out of financing your elective surgery. Forget those nasty credit checks or finance contracts, we make it easy to manage the cost of your procedure in a responsible, affordable and convenient way. By the time your procedure is booked, it will be fully paid for. Starting today, you’ll be working towards getting the best version of you without getting into debt.


We’ve streamlined the process to ensure our customers walk away feeling happier, healthier and liberated from financial constraint. By partnering with the best practices and medical specialists, you can guarantee the highest standard of service and care to those who require an alternative to upfront payment.

Are you a Doctor
interested in our

More customers, better referrals, happier patients. Sign up now and give your customers a more convenient, flexible and affordable way to pay. That’s the Layby difference. It is risk free and your customers have a stress free, debt free way to prepay for their procedure.

Our vales and mission

At Layby Surgery, our vision is a world in which every person can plan, prepare and pay for their procedures from the comfort of their home.
Here at Layby Surgery, we pride ourselves on how we operate our business. We recognise that everyone is unique and that we need to meet the needs of those who need our assistance. Our focus is always on keeping us at the forefront of the medical industry, listening and responding to the needs of our customers seeking quality surgical procedures and the doctors providing them. We are delighted with our ability to build excellent relationships with the doctors and hospitals partnering with us. At Layby Surgery, we prioritise long-term success and happiness over short-term financial gains. Our focus is on the people and the community, and it always will be our number one focus. Our unwavering commitment to these values will guide our current strategy, strengthen our organisational culture, and underpin all future decisions and actions.

In 2020, our leadership team came together and established our core values. As our company evolves and grows, these values will underpin all future decisions and actions.

Customer Commitment
We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.

Transformation & Innovation
Revolutionising the cosmetic and medical industry by bringing key healthcare stakeholders to transform healthcare delivery to meet patients’ needs in an ever-changing market.

Unparalleled Quality
Utilising a connected team to provide seamless service delivery and generate optimal experiences, we combine these unparalleled complimentary skills; Knowledge, Communication, Understanding, and Respect.

Financial Freedom
To offer a responsible, affordable, and convenient way to prepay surgery without putting users in debt.

Continued Excellence
To continually expand upon our offerings and passion so that we can impact more lives than the day before.