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How to Afford the Breast Surgery You Want

Boobies! There, we’ve said it…we all have them (men too) but how you view them and the impact they have on your self-image is unique to YOU! Whether you think they are too big, too small, too flat, too scarred, odd shaped, or just not how they used to be, what’s important is how they make you feel.

With breast surgery being one of the most common plastic or reconstructive surgery in Australia, it’s becoming more commonplace to consider how new boobs could change your life. But it’s completely understandable that making a life-changing decision to undergo breast surgery can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to turn, who to ask for information or working out if you can even afford it… well Layby Surgery is here to help!

Understanding your surgeon’s qualifications

Technically, while any doctor can perform surgical procedures, ONLY specialist plastic surgeons are accredited by the Australian government (through the Australian Medical Council) to perform all reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

All the doctors offering surgical procedures through Layby Surgery have the FRACS (Fellow of Royal Australian College of Surgeons) qualification, meaning they are Specialist Plastic Surgeons, accredited after at least 12 years of medical and surgical education.

While every surgeon accessed through Layby Surgery is highly qualified, each have different areas of surgical interest and types of surgery they specialise in.

Dr Paul Chen BHB, MBChB, FRACS, MS (Breast surgery), affectionately known to his patients as Dr Paul, specialises in oncoplastic breast surgery. Specifically, breast cancer surgery and implant-based reconstruction as well as breast reduction and implant revision. In addition, he does male breast surgery (for gynaecomastia), lipofilling (fat grafting) and abdominoplasty.

Dr Sepehr Lajevardi, FRACS (Plastic Surgery), MS (Plastics), GradDip (Anat), MBBS (UNSW), BSC (Med) specialises in aesthetic surgery of the breast, including augmentation, reduction and lifts, as well as breast implant removal, capsulectomy and implant revision.

Layby Surgery partners with the best practices and medical specialists

Dr Paul has a passion for helping those who have survived breast cancer to feel the best they can, highlighting that the traditional procedures have come a long way, “Breast cancer surgery has advanced significantly in the last few years. By integrating plastic surgical techniques into breast cancer surgeries, women (and men – yes men get breast cancer too!) can have their cancer treated AND achieve excellent aesthetic results”. For many women, this eases some of the stress associated with the ‘loss’ of their breast/s and possibly the loss of femininity they may feel.

Dr Paul adds “I get great professional satisfaction when I achieve an excellent aesthetic outcome. It puts a smile on my face when patients are so pleased and thankful for what we have achieved for them”.

It’s apparent the theme of creating happiness in patients is a common factor in these surgeons, with Dr Lajevardi enthusing in the patient journey, saying, “I love being a plastic surgeon as it allows me to help my patients become the happiest version of themselves by providing a truly catered experience from the first consultation to the final follow-up.”

Figuring out what’s best for your breasts

Whether it’s a lift, reduction, reconstruction, corrective or augmentation, there are so many options when it comes to breast surgery. “Breast surgery should not be rushed. I often advise patients of their options in the initial consult and collaborate on a decision with the right surgery for them in the second consultation” says Dr Paul.

Managing your expectations around breast surgery is important for understanding what is achievable for your body type. The first consultation with your surgeon should be all about YOU!

Dr Lajevardi places great importance on gaining a deep understanding of his patients needs and desires. “It’s essential to have good communication and a caring attitude towards my patients. I listen carefully to their concerns and their desired outcome, while also educating about the risks and benefits of each procedure for their body type.”

With breast cancer patients, Dr Paul explains, “We discuss the main complaint, why you want the surgery and what you expect from the surgery. This is paired with learning more about your relevant medical, social and family history that may require further investigation.” He adds, “I tease out any other factors that we can improve to ensure a successful outcome for the operation. I also show photographs of other patients’ breast surgery results so you can set realistic expectations around your breast surgery”.

The breast surgery questions you always forget to ask…

Your surgeon will generally cover everything you need to know for the surgical procedure but then there are those niggly little questions that you forget to ask during the excitement of your consultations.

During your first consult with Dr Lajevardi, he completes an examination, pre-operative measurements and takes the ‘before’ photos as well as discussing aftercare and the recovery process. It’s also a good idea to come prepared with a list of questions for your first consult, to ease any concerns or logistics.

The good news is that you are expected to have minimal discomfort after surgery, with most people requiring paracetamol and anti-inflammatories when they leave hospital. This doesn’t mean you can race back to work! Of course, the time you have off work or exercise is dependent on the type of surgery, but in general 2-4 weeks off work and avoiding strenuous upper body exercise for 6 weeks is sufficient for most.

Dr Paul points out “Any surgery carries risk. Most commonly around general anaesthetic, bruising around the scar site and small risk of infection. However, it’s important to remember that undergoing breast reduction or augmentation surgery means you can still be safely assessed for breast cancer with radiological imaging.” So, don’t forget your breast health!

The cost of breast surgery

The cost of breast surgery can range upwards from $6000. Without private health insurance the three main costs are hospital, anaesthetic, and surgeon fees. While Medicare may cover your basic medical needs, it does NOT cover costs of elective surgeries. Even with private health insurance you may find part of these costs are not covered based on your chosen premium.

Elective surgeries require an upfront fee for the surgery to proceed. This means you are left vulnerable to the variety of payment options available, such as credit services, personal loans and BNPL (AfterPay and Zip) that all incur varying degrees of fees and interest on their repayments.

This leaves many women, who have made the huge decision to have breast surgery, questioning whether the price of their happiness is a stress they can bare.

Happiness without debt

Your reasons for breast surgery are as unique as your financial position. Layby Surgery was founded on the belief that life-changing surgery should be accessible to everyone.

Layby Surgery is exactly like the retail version of Layby that your mum probably used to pay for your Christmas gifts as a child. Simply,

  1. Choose your procedure and surgeon
  2. Calculate the estimated total cost
  3. Decide on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments.

When it comes time to have your surgery, it’s like all your Christmas’s have come at once!

Dr Lajevardi sees Layby Surgery’s simple formula of dedicated pre-payments as beneficial for patients, “allowing them to save easier” for life-changing breast surgery.

Dr Paul agrees, “With Layby Surgery, you take the burden and worry of cost away. Patients can commit to regular saving payments pre-operation and concentrate on recovery post op, rather than be worried about debt. I think it is a great concept!”

Committing to surgery for your own empowerment is amplified with each layby payment you make. That is, making regular incremental payments through Layby Surgery with NO interest gives you time to plan and prepare for your surgery AND your recovery without the stress of debt.

Learn more about Dr Paul and Dr Lajevardi, and how Layby Surgery can help you achieve your happiness by booking a consultation today!

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