Make your service more accessible

Increase your business opportunity by offering your patients a better payment experience for their surgical
or non-surgical journey.

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Grow your business

Become an accessible provider and make a difference

Build customer loyalty

Create positive life altering relationships with your patients by giving them an accessible payment option that’s flexible, debt and stress free

Attract more customers

Joining the Layby Surgery network of accessible health providers and services opens your doors to more patients.

Socially responsible marketplace

Our platform enables users to easily find the procedure they need without pushing services they don’t.

Increase transactional value

When the stress of upfront costs are removed, users are able to spend on services that lead to better long term health outcomes.

No set up fees - no hidden costs

Upfront pricing

  • No hidden fees
  • Transparent pricing

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What you’ll offer your patients

Pay your way

spread payments up to 52 weeks and have the option to pay your way.

Surgical marketplace

Browse our renowned doctors partnered with Layby Surgery to find your procedure.

Happy health

With our mission to leave all Layby Surgery patients happier and healthier, debt and stress free. Take your first step in your journey.

Your patients
can Fund their
health ahead
of time

When it comes to health expense it’s not, a matter of if, its a matter of when. We give you the tools to contribute in advance and save you from the large and upfront out of pocket health costs