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We understand that improving the way you look and feel, physically and mentally is crucial in so many ways. The way your body works affects every single day of your life. Which is why we offer the best stress free, debt free options with Layby Surgery’s flexible pre-payments.

Whether you’re delaying an elective surgery or cosmetic procedure because you lack the funds, we can help. Our innovative elective surgery, cosmetic and beauty financing with advance payment plans allow you to plan and pay ahead of your surgery, so there are no credit problems and no interest.
Simply choose a payment plan that works for you, and when the cost is covered, you get your procedure done.

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Making sure that our bodies function properly, and that we’re comfortable in our skin both aesthetically and from a functional point of view is life changing.

At Layby Surgery, we specialize in giving people a flexible payment solution for the surgeries and procedures they need to change the way they look, live, and feel. The available surgical and non-surgical procedures offered through Layby payment services are designed to not only change the way you look on the outside, but how you interact with the world. Because when you feel great, great things happen!

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Pre-Paid Treatment Plans

If you need any of these surgeries, procedures, and treatments, you might think that you have limited options. In the past, you had to have great credit to access a personal loan to pay for this kind of treatment. Medical loans for cosmetic surgery exist, but they’re hard to get. 

Layby Surgery takes all the stress, interest, and debt out of the equation. Speak to a specialist, get a comprehensive quote for the work you need done, and then simply pre-pay for it, so you can walk out of our offices with your head held high, and not a single bill to worry about.

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More customers, better referrals, happier patients. Sign up now and give your customers a more convenient, flexible and affordable way to pay. That’s the Layby difference. It is risk free and your customers have a stress free, debt free way to prepay for their procedure.